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Rinex editor

metadata extraction, editing, and/or correction of RINEX header metadata or BINEX metadata records; quality check: quality checking of GPS. RINEX files contain Ephemeris data that can be edited with StudioView's RINEX Open the RINEX Editor by navigating to Tools > Rinex Editor, or by clicking. RINEX Viewer software helps to R&D engineers and GNSS users community to analyze the rinex formatted files. RINEX Viewer is provided on an "AS IS" basics .

EditRinex will open and read one RINEX file, apply editing commands, and write the modified RINEX data to another RINEX file(s). Input is on. Automatic version dependent file naming on output data - RINEX data header editing - RINEX data meta data extraction - RINEX data comparison. The following. Refer to the line labeled "ANT # / TYPE" in the RINEX file you opened in your text editor. You should find the antenna type "TPSHIPER_PLUS". Choose this type.

Greetings! Is it possible to change the date & time in the GNSS Session editor? Once modified, the Rinex file can be re-imported to TBC. I am new to GPS data processing and am wondering if anyone knows much about RINEX editing? I have used TEQc to quality check my data. Is there any freeware out there for editing a rinex file besides teqc?.