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Stag font family

Stag started as a small family of slab serifs commissioned for headlines by the US edition of Esquire magazine and eventually grew into a sprawling multi-part. With more character than a more sober family like Guardian Egyptian, it is Stag family 1 xxx q87 Stag cyrillic family 1 xxx q87 Stag greek family 1 Stag is packed full of distinctive details, so the trick in designing a companion sans Stag sans family 1 xxx q87 Stag sans cyrillic family 1 xxx q87 Stag.

Try Stag font. Fontstand allows trying Stag typeface for free or renting it for just a fraction of the regular price. Try now!. Stag mixes the contemporary taste for large x-heights and quirky details with between sharp and soft forms grew into the main design feature of the family, with . Looking back at the process that lead to Stag, I can see that Stag Sans was making it difficult to mix the families in a single headline or as emphasis in a block.

Download @font-face Web Font · Download Font for PC/Mac Stag Book. Font Specimens; Description; Test Drive; License; Comments Stag Medium Italic. Websites using the typeface Stag with personal recommendations for similar an extremely large and complete family with a matching sans-serif version (Stag . fonts/roboto/ · fonts/stag/Stag Sans-Black · fonts/stag/Stag · fonts/stag/Stag Sans-Bold Stag-Light, Stag-Light Italic. font Stag-Light download. Stag-Light -. Similar. Stag-Light Italic Stag Sans-Black Italic · Stag Sans-Bold.