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Cyberiastyle This looks to to be a more refined (albeit, darker) version of CS8, but could this be the final. Cyberia Style 8 -solid-; Author(s): CyberiaStyle PROJECT; Latest Version: rev06 (/06/22); Target StepMania Version: StepMania 5 beta 3? Theme Size . So, I'll be honest, the default SM theme is super dated, so I went digging for cooler ones and I found the CyberiaStyle Last Resort theme. I.

The CyberiaStyle webpage specifically states that you may not distribute derivative mods for their themes, although it might not be that hard to. Hello beatiful people of this forum! I'm trying to get Cyberia Style 8 to work on a fresh install of SM5, and after following the weird steps. Ok, so I'm using the Cyberiastyle 8 as my choice of theme but I don't know what the problem is but when I complete a song the result screen is.