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Save resigner

The [official link]( is broken at the moment. EDIT: OK, I found with an old So I've noticed that you can no longer download the PS3 save resigner without the "Password" that nobody knows. So i've re uploaded the setup files so everybody can enjoy using ps3 saves!! No password required. [media] What's up guys, I give a whole new version of my first PS3 Save Resigner . PS3 Save Resigner It's further more easier to.

Well first of all you are going to download the PS3 Save Resigner and load up the application, it should look similar to below [ATTACH] You are. Please be aware that there are some saves that, for some reason, just won't resign properly with KG and you will most likely need a resigner. During the process, some 32 bit installer may fail if you're on a 64 bit operating system. Don't worry when you see the error pop up, [PS3] Save Resigner will.

Has anyone used save resigner or bruteforce to try to resign the save files on gamefaqs? When i try using save resigner it says region is unsupported, even with. Now is JULY , any free software to resign a ps4 game saves yet? Now, with ps4 latest firmware possible to resign someone else save?.