Double score cosmos x camellia english download

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Double score cosmos x camellia english

Breaking from all the pressure he wandered through the woods like a hobo and ran into a loli who gave me a cosmos flower. That loli. The Kamizono shrine has long been famous for its ability to fulfill love fortune, especially through the flowers that bloom there. One fine day. Posts about Double Score ~Cosmos×Camellia~ written by Rin.

PC game Double Score~Cosmos×Camellia~ Free download released with Japanese language, this game released without english patch. Double Score - Otome Game - PC Game - ~Cosmos x Camellia~ (Blue Moon). Double Score Cosmos X Camellia demo first impressions. HIGH RESOLUTION GRAPHICS!! I think I only play old PC VNs nowdays.

Double Score This is series adaptition from otome game (AGAIN)! The game is focusing the concept, "age doesn't matter when it comes to love". Vol 1; Cosmos Vol. 2; Camellia .. [ K ] Novels in English:happybounce.